Diversified Communications for Businesses in Hawaii
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Congratulations on your decision to consider exporting your product or service into a new country.  Each of these topics are very important to consider to the success of your venture.  Below is a quick look at other considerations beyond marketing that you may want to take a look at.
Legal and Cultural
Export & Import Restrictions
Foreign Practices
Language Components
Shipping & Customs
Customs & Tariffs
Working Capital Loans
Foreign Buyer Guarantees
Risk Insurance
Product Considerations
Price Point
Cultural Acceptance

There are many great resources in Hawaii that can help you export your product outside of Hawaii.  Here is a list of some of our favorites.
US Commercial Service
Visit www.buyusa.gov/hawaii to reach the US Export Assistance Center of Hawaii.  This is a federal goverment agency that is dedicated to helping small-to-medium sized companies with their export programs.  They provide services such as International contacts, market research and trade leads & events. 
Department of Business, Economic Development & Tourism
Lots of great information can be found on the State of Hawaii's economic development website at www.hawaii.gov/dbedt .  In addition to the wealth of information for any business type in Hawaii, DBEDT also takes an active role of promoting Hawaii goods and services through political relations, trade missions and monitoring of the foreign marketplace.  DBEDT also has offices in Taipei and Beijing. 
Hawaii Department of Agriculture
At http://www.hawaiiag.org/hdoa you will find great programs for both Hawaii and abroad.  Schedule the Hawaii Agricultural Conference in October and find out when the HDOA is planning trade missions abroad. 
Foreign Trade Zone No.9
Find out ways of saving money by understanding the Hawaii Foreign Trade Zone No.9 and its benefits.  The Zone consists of a series of duty and custom free sites throughout Hawaii that provide a number of competitive benefits.  The mission of the Zone is to increase the amount of international trading activity in Hawaii.  Visit www.ftz9.org
If you are looking into entering Japan, JETRO is the place to start.  JETRO stands for the Japan External Trade Organization and includes a wealth of information and contacts to doing business in Japan.  Visit www.jetro.go.jp and start your research into the second largest economy in the World.  Lots of information on business opportunities, market information and statistics & surveys.
You should be able to gain a vast amount of information at www.export.gov, an incredible resource of practically everything you need to know about exporting.  You can find information an exporting to almost any country in the world and a step-by-step basic guide to exporting. 
Don't forget to check out our International Marketing Solutions page to see how AT Marketing can support your export business!
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