Diversified Communications for Businesses in Hawaii
AT Marketing has a variety of marketing programs to help you succeed in other countries.  Japan is the top market right now, and we concentrate most of our efforts on that country.  We are consitently developing new programs for Korea, Taiwan and China.  Each country has basically the same type of solutions that are listed on this page (we are referring primarily to Japan here).
Marketing Plan
We can develop a comprehensive marketing plan to help you reach your international country objectives.  Gain a perspective on what is required to develop a plan that can reach your target customers.  Determine what type of budget you will need to gain success and what is the best programs for PR and advertising.  Start with either a one week, a one year, or a ten year marketing plan. 

AT Marketing hires and contracts some of the top translators in Hawaii.  We have translation services for Japanese, Korean, Chinese and Filipino.  We can translate a variety of marketing programs such as websites, brochures, posters, advertisements and more. 
Trade Shows
Let us help you locate the best trade shows in Asia to promote your company.  Whether you specialize in food, fashion, music or travel, there is a trade show for you.  We also have developed relationships with Hawaii export government supporters such as the Department of Business and Economic Development and Tourism (DBEDT) and the Hawaii Department of Agriculture who also participate in many trade shows throughout Asia. 
Product Promotion
AT Marketing specializes in promoting products (food, fashion, craft, etc.) in Asian countries, specifically in Japan.  We have developed passive programs (website sales) to aggressive (department store sales) for any size of business.  Look beyond Hawaii and you will find that there could be a strong demand for your product.  Visit the product marketing page for more details.
If you are looking at creating or maintaining an event in Japan, or another Asian country, we may able to assist you.  We have worked with companies that can assist you with finding a venue, hiring staff for the event, arranging vendors and more.  AT Marketing also has a variety of resources that can help market the event and ensure that you will attain the audience numbers you desire.   
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