Diversified Communications for Businesses in Hawaii
AT Marketing is Hawaii's leading event promotion company.  We offer a variety of event marketing solutions for businesses that are seeking both residents and/ or tourists.  Putting together an event is an incredible amount of work and many event planners do not have the adequate time and resources to maximize the marketing efforts of what we believe is the ultimate marketing program in the business.  Events are also a one-shot deal in many cases, so you need to make sure that all available marketing solutions are covered.  Here is just a few of the many event promotion programs that AT Marketing develops:
Grand Opening
Opening a new business or location in Hawaii is an overwhelming amount of work.  Let us connect the dots for your grand opening PR and advertising, while you concentrate on the other tasks required.  We will make sure that local newspapers, magazine and television media know about your opening.  We will communicate with hotel concierges, tour agencies and travel media in the tourist market.  Let us ensure that you get the exposure you need.

Networking Event
We are the creators of many networking events, especially targeting the young professionals. We can handle the set up and invites for your event!

Social Media Event
From Tweet-Ups to Yelp Elite events, we know how to make your social media event work. Ask us about the different solutions you have to increase your social media presence.
Event Promotion (Hawaii)
AT Marketing has more experience in promoting major events than most companies in Hawaii.  From major events such as Waikiki Spam Jam and the Hawaii International Film Festival, to smaller community events, we have a variety of experience and contacts in the industry to make sure that people know about your event.  AT Marketing has a unique 10 month event marketing checklist that makes sure that all phases of residential and tourism media are communicated with. 
Event Promotion (Japan)
Looking to do an event in Japan?  Whether it is a Hawaii themed festival, a major concert, or a trade show, AT Marketing has  a variety of resources both in Hawaii and in Japan that can help communicate with media and travel partners to ensure that you maximize your presence in the World's second largest economy.  We also have ways to help plan and organize the event as well. 

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