Diversified Communications for Businesses in Hawaii
AT Marketing has created a special program to promote your product outside of Hawaii.  We specialize in working on a variety of programs, with our recent speciality in Japan.  While Japan remains the focus of our efforts, we have a large source of other contacts for Korea, China, Taiwan, Phillippines, Vietnam and other Asian countries. 
This page will outline our services, but there is so much more that we offer to Hawaii products looking for solutions in Japan or other countries.  Visit the about us page and contact us to set up a free consultation.
Export Solutions
Start with finding local and Japan-based exporters who can get you moving in the right direction.  Start to understand the basic laws and forms needed to begin your process outside of Hawaii
Finding a wholesaler should be one of the first things you need to decide when entering a foreign country.  We have a few solutions for Japan that could be excellent partners for you. 

Internet Based Programs
There are variety of ways that you can sell your products online in Japan.  Some of the category solutions include Import Food websites, Omiyage (Gift) websites, Mail Order websites, Online Shopping Mall sites and Hawaii Themed websites.  We have a database of over 40 different sites that could potentially sell your products. 
Retail and Shopping Malls
Hit the jackpot with a relationship with a major retail outlet in Japan.  We have a database of major department stores, supermarkets, import food speciality supermarkets, convenience stores and special themed shops.  If places like Sony Plaza, Seijo Ishii and Queens Isetan are unfamiliar to you, AT Marketing can get you started. 
If you have a food product, you may want to look at restaurants as a way to sell your product in Japan.  There are a variety of Hawaii-themed restaurants in Japan that could possibly work with your food product.  You may also find business with family restaurants (they like to do Hawaii themed food events), fast food restaurants, coffee shops and more. 
Marketing and PR
Thee are many ways to promote your products in foreign countries.  For Japan, we have major contacts in travel publications, food writers, fashion editors, country and regional newpapers, television programs and radio stations.  Communicate with the right media and increase your sales by creating a brand for your product.
Festival and Events
Looking to visit Japan?  Try to visit the country when a major festival or event is going on to maximize your time there.  We have a complete annual calendar on major trade shows (supermarket, food service, import fairs, fashion fairs, travel fairs and tech expos), gift shows and more.  We also have a complete listing of Hawaii themed events and festivals such as Hawaii Festivals, Hula competitions and Hawaiian music award concerts.  Think this is small business?  The Hawaii festival in Yokohama in the end of July 2006 attracted more than 200,000 people.  Explore the options with AT Marketing. 
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