Diversified Communications for Businesses in Hawaii
We excel in reaching the Japanese customer.
AT Marketing is one of the most well connected firms in Hawaii with the Japanese media.  We have focused on creating the most complete Japanese PR solution by going beyond what any other firm in Hawaii does.  We continue to strengthen our relationships with Japanese media by continuing to provide the best and most accurate service to them.  In turn, they provide great articles and promotions for our clients.  Here is a quick look at our PR programs:
Hawaii-Based Media
     Magazines -  Aloha Street, Hawaii Ai, Kau Kau, Rurubu Free
     Websites - Hawaii no Arukikata, Matatabi, Aloha Mania, Mo-Hawaii
     Travel Bureaus - Hawaii Tourism Japan, Oahu Visitors Bureau
     Tour Agencies - JALPAK, JTB, Kintetsu, R&C Hawaii, Meitetsu
     Travel Trade Media - Wing Travel, Travel Journal
Japan-Based Media
     Magazines - Chikyu no Arukikata, JJ Hawaii, Aloha Express
     Websites - All About Hawaii, Yahoo! Japan, Hawaii 123
     Television - Aloha Tengoku, Hawaiian Express
     Radio - InterFM Tokyo, JWave Tokyo, Love FM Fukuoka, FM Cocolo Osaka
     Hula - Hula Lea, Hula Style
 We also excel in reaching the Korean and Chinese customer as well!
(media list available upon request)

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